If you are diagnosed with breast cancer or know someone who is, these are helpful links.
Somehow I found YSC (Young Survival Coalition) soon after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I am so glad that I did!  I found myself on the discussion boards trying to find someone that had "my" cancer.  I found that is like looking for someone that has your same finger print.  But what I did find was an incredible group of strong and supportive women that were going through treatment like me.  Many had young children.  Others had already gone through treatment and offered advice on how to get through all of this.  There was always someone there all hours of the day and night listening to me vent my fears and frustrations or asking questions like "should I take one breast or both?", "when will my hair come back?", "when will my periods return?", etc.  This is a sorority that no one wishes to join but I am amongst some of the strongest women that I have ever met and I am thankful for all of their support.
This is from their website: “100% of breast cancer deaths occur because of metastasis, and almost 100% of people whose breast cancer has metastasized will die from it. In the United States alone, this means that more than 40,000 vibrant lives are lost each year.”

“Despite these stark realities, the popular breast cancer fundraising movements give on average only 2% of their research funds to researching metastasis. Instead, their primary focus is on prevention, which does nothing to help those already diagnosed, and early detection, which does not impact those facing the ultimate death sentence of stage 4 breast cancer. And while only 6% - 10% of initial breast cancer diagnoses are metastatic, 30% of patients diagnosed with earlier stage breast cancer will eventually develop stage 4 breast cancer and die.

“This does not need to happen.  Many metastasis researchers believe that metastatic breast cancer could become a chronic, rather than terminal, disease, if only there were more money to do the research necessary to develop effective treatments.


*I selected my medical team by doing research and talking to other breast cancer survivors.  If you are in the Kansas City area and would like more information on who I went to for my breast surgeon, oncologist, radiologist, lymphadema specialist, plastic surgeon as well as holistic practitioners, feel free to contact me at my email address and I will give you more information.


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