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I never thought I could be at risk for breast cancer.  I had no family history and I thought that was the only factor that mattered.  After leaving Pasadena and meeting my breast surgeon in Kansas City, she told me that I had no risk factors other than having had my first child after age 30.  Other risk factors for breast cancer which I was never aware of in addition to having a late first pregnancy after 30 are:

 *having no kids at all.

 *starting periods before age 10 or ending periods after age 55.

 *taking hormone replacement for more than five years.

 *having a family history particularly in a 1st degree relative like a mother, sister or daughter.

 *there are also dietary risk factors such as increased fat intake, tobacco and excessive alcohol (isnít this everyone in their 20ís?!)

 *lastly, environmental factors can also contribute to breast cancer.


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