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I was diagnosed with Stage 2 lobular breast cancer on St. Patrickís Day in 2005 at the age of 35 when our son was 13 months old. It was found through a screening mammogram that my gynecologist in California ordered. He thought young women should have a picture of their breasts at 35 and then again at 40 to look for any changes. It was a complete shock to both of us that the mammogram found cancer considering he had just done a breast exam. I had no lumps, symptoms and there is no history of breast cancer in my family.

We were moving back to the Midwest at the time of the diagnosis. We started treatment shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, it turned out the treatments didnít work, and I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer a few years later.

Cancer is the most feared disease in our society. I created this website because I found from my own experience that people donít always know what to do or say when someone they know is diagnosed with cancer. I found that a lot of other cancer survivors experienced some of the same situations, so I thought this site would be helpful to those recently diagnosed or for those who know someone with a cancer diagnosis but donít know what to do or say.

Wishing you health and happiness!
Michelle Murphy


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